Reliable, Accurate Financial Instrument Identifiers

Correctly map and link all the data within the security master database to streamline the flow of information and reduce operational risk across internal and external production. Our Cross Reference Data package offers global instrument and market information for security identification, trading, settlement and transaction reporting.
Retrieve common identifiers for a financial instrument and the related identifiers of the listings and respective markets.

  • Asset Servicing
  • Asset Management
  • Wealth Management / Private Banking

  • Back Office Operations
  • Fund Administration
  • Securities Services

  • Financial Instrument Identifiers.
  • Financial Instrument Short Name .
  • Classification of Financial Instrument.
  • Market Identification Information.
  • Trading and Listing Symbols.


  • Facilitate identification of financial instruments.
  • ISO standard identifiers (CFI, FISN, MIC).
  • Global identifier information.