Your Reliable Source for Financial Instruments Falling under the FinMIA Reporting Obligation Article 39

Article 39 of the Swiss Financial Market Infrastructure Act (FinMIA) sets out the reporting duties of market participants admitted to trading on a Swiss trading venue to provide all the information necessary for transparent securities trading. To help the financial institutions comply with the regulation, this package provides FinMIA eligibility information for financial instruments used in transactions that fall under the duty to report securities transactions. 

  • Asset Servicing
  • Asset Management
  • Wealth Management / Private Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Retail / Brokerage

  • Securities Services
  • Reporting
  • Trading

In addition to the FinfraG content set, SIX also provides Trading place data such as classification of FINMA recognized trading venues as well as trading and listing status information for securities that are tradable at Swiss venues.

  • Daily delivery of the FinfraG SIX Flex® file can be scheduled from 6 AM thus ensuring the most up-to-date instrument classification are available at the start of the trading day.
  • The override information for issuer-confirmed FinMIA codes ensures that subscribers receive FinMIA classification updates automatically from a trusted source.
  • Easy flat structure of the FinfraG SIX Flex® files optimized for automated regular processing.

FinfraG is provided as a SIX Managed package including all active financial instruments that have a FinMIA classification. Subscribers receive an initial full file of all FinMIA instruments and subsequently a change file of all new instruments or instruments with changed classification.