Reliable, Accurate End-of-Day Valuation Prices

Reliable, accurate valuation prices are vital for financial firms across their value chain from decision-making to reporting. Typical challenges are proof of price fairness, license fee minimization and market prices transformation into their monetary values. This package answers all these needs and more thanks to valuation prices selected and checked by SIX. It includes a worldwide coverage for all asset classes with the most liquid trading place according to SIX, complemented with reference data.

  • Asset Servicing
  • Asset Management
  • Wealth Management / Private Banking

  • Tax
  • Reporting
  • Back Office Operations
  • Fund Administration
  • Securities Services

End-of-day prices, free of exchange fees, with a subset of security information and the most liquid trading place for over 20 million active listings for all asset classes grouped into 1800 feeds from more than 100 countries.

  •  End-of-day prices free of license fees.
  •  Worldwide market coverage.
  •  Customizable snap times per instrument list.
  •  SIX know-how for selecting prices and trading places.