Connecting a Wealth of Data in an Intuitive Way

Stop Searching, Start Finding

Turn searches into actions by loading quotes, news, charts, summaries and more, directly from your results. Use the smart list feature to efficiently categorize your search, and easily preview your results with just a click. Stop searching for the information you need. Start finding it.

With one single access, get all the data you need wherever you are - In the office, travelling, or working from home, on your private or professional devices, take advantage of all the flexibility SIX iD can provide in your daily life: bring all the financial data with you everywhere you go!

How You Will Benefit

Master Your Information

Make better-informed decisions, faster with SIX iD, a powerful and intuitive tool that ensures you have a clear view of all the data, news and analysis you need. Whether you are an investment advisor, wealth, risk or asset manager, in a front- or back-office role, SIX iD allows you to make the most of reference and market data from SIX.
Choose from one of our prepackaged offerings or build your own version tailored to your precise needs.

Discover the intuitive display and data breadth

A wealth of information at your fingertips:

  • Local News Service plus Regulatory News in more than 7 languages
  • Delayed and free-of-charge market data, and a subset of reference data
  • Time series (up to 180 days – 5 mins snapshots)
  • Historical prices up to 30 years
  • A host of additional features

Customize your display by adding third-party providers like Dow Jones News, Infront Analytics, Tullett Prebon and many others.

Defining your clients’ portfolios

Designed to meet the needs of financial advisors, the Wealth Management Package emphasizes information to support investment decisions.

It includes:

  • FinXL: fully integrated within Excel, allowing you to insert and edit real-time data functions, historical data snapshots, interpolated rate calculations and execute yield-oriented calculations.
  • Corporate key figures and data by leading providers like S&P, theScreener, Infront Analytics and others.
  • SIX iD Mobile


Supports demanding investment decisions

In addition to the Wealth Management Package, it includes:

  • An international News service in English (in addition to the local news agencies)
  • Infront Analytics Investor
  • S&P Estimates & Fundamentals Export
  • Money Market data (Tullett Prebon) in real time

Full securities breadth and depth

Designed for the securities management sector, this package makes searching for securities easy. It contains a complete set of reference data including securities data, corporate actions and institutional data.

Additional features include:

  • Access to all fundamental reference and our award-winning corporate actions data
  • Extended search for securities, prospectus data, information about prices and previous or preannounced events
  • Available original term sheets
  • Evaluated pricing service
  • Bond Pricing
  • S&P ratings and Moody’s ratings
  • and many others
Laurent Lefèvre, Head Delivery Capabilities, SIX

The growing amount of data is a challenge when it comes to taking fast business decisions. SIX iD provides all the relevant financial information at a glance.

David de Lame, Senior Product Manager, SIX

Ready to Discover SIX iD?

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About This Service

SIX iD is the financial data display for better, faster decision making. By putting our data right in front of you, SIX iD allows you to monitor and analyze your clients’ portfolios and make time-critical decisions with ease. The combination of powerful analysis and data means you never miss an opportunity.

SIX iD Service Overview

With SIX iD you benefit from a powerful display application that facilitates faster and better-informed decision making. Do you need more details? Our factsheet gives you the full overview.

Control Your Workspace

With new discrete, independent windows, and free range of your entire desktop, SIX iD lets you design workspaces that are truly yours. You can specify windows to always remain visible when switching workspaces, and even remain on top of other applications so that you never lose sight of your most important feeds.
Create your own workspaces to develop workflows that maximize your productivity and enable you to work efficiently with in-house applications.

Get Started in Seconds

SIX iD provides you with a selection of predefined workspaces that fit your profile and predesigned scenarios to help you get started in seconds. Built and organized by asset type, market and index, you can simply load a predefined workspace and tweak it to your liking.