Making a Difference with Data

Making a Difference with Data

Making a Difference with Data

SIX is a leading global provider of financial information with core expertise in reference and regulatory data, especially corporate actions. With offices around the world, SIX combines the advantages of local expertise with a global reach to serve the wealth and asset management industry as well as global financial institutions.

We make a difference with data by providing quality services that drive long-term, sustainable growth for businesses across the world. Discover how our financial data can help you.


Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd., a Swiss private bank known for its expertise in Private Market Investments and wealth planning, serving successful families worldwide and continuously elevating the banking experience for its clients.
Their latest initiative? Allowing their clients to trade on their Mobile Banking App. When Quilvest approached SIX for a solution, we were quick to identify the perfect match for their needs.
Using cutting-edge web technologies and seamless access to financial data from SIX, our Web API was a perfect fit. Quilvest enjoyed smooth data integration and received extensive support from our team at SIX, significantly speeding up their development timeline.
Discover more in the interview with Simon Gassmann, Chief Information Officer at Quilvest.

Tax & Regs

When a bank serves international clients with diverse investment portfolios, they need ensure they offer suitable products to the right clients in an efficient, consistent and compliant manner. 

SIX covers 80 global regulations with recognized expertise.

This allows Global Wealth Managers to know their financial instruments offered and distributed across borders based on high quality reference data and derived regulatory and tax classifications.


Relationship Managers need to be super reactive for their newer generation of clients used to "instant access". They need to check investments and financial data from anywhere on any device at any time, and to do that cost effectively in a business where cost/income ratios are critical

With SIX iD, Relationship Managers get one single license for all use cases, desktop, mobile, home office.

Lower cost of access to the bank and Relationship Managers can provide their clients with a holistic advisory experience by accessing a multitude of financial datasets.


Our clients spend time trying to access quality Corporate Actions data across the bank from different sources, resulting into data discrepancy. The resolution of discrepancy is done via exchange of email communication between front / middle office with back office.  This results into operational inefficiency.

SIX BOT gives users a self-service to ask questions on corporate actions and get instant answers.

Therefore saving time and allowing optimal Investment decisions. It allows for democratization of Corporate Actions data with limited technology spend.

ESG Data, Services & Solutions

ESG Data, Services and Solutions are crucial for investment and capital markets products and services. Despite the growing volume of ESG Data sets, standardization remains a challenge, making the workflow complex and costly.

SIX addresses this with a comprehensive suite of ESG data and analytical solutions, simplifying the complex workflow from identification to reporting. Acting as a central hub, SIX collaborates with top partners to offer diverse ESG data sources and analytical tools.

SIX ESG serves as a "multi-vendor, single access point" for clients, streamlining ESG integration and regulatory compliance in financial services.

Real-Time Pricing Data

Outdated tech and legacy APIs hinder banks' adaptability to evolving client needs, emphasizing the shift towards flexible, modern APIs for digital platforms. SIX facilitates this transition, powering banks with flexible, standardized, easy to use APIs to power web & digital platforms that future proof their client adoption and growth strategy. These latest-generation APIs support various digital and cloud applications, leveraging modern technologies.

Additionally, SIX provides a single point of access to a wide range of high-quality global data sets, streamlining data selection for enhanced user experiences while optimizing data licensing and costs for banks.

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