From Rating to Impact

From Rating to Impact

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The world of asset management seems divided in two: Active versus passive. This has significant implications for the incorporation of sustainability in this field. The differences can be immense. The consideration of sustainability in investors' asset management is constantly growing. To what extent can the increasing expectations of clients - and the general public - be fulfilled? Can the degree of implementation with regard to sustainability be determined with the concept of "ESG Impact"?

The focus of this webinar is on the concrete integration of sustainability in portfolio construction with a focus on the so-called "ESG Impact" and its measurement. It centers around two approaches: Publica, with a passive portfolio construction and Finreon, with an active (rule-based) approach. Inrate highlights how sustainability can be measured and SIX presents our approach with the recently launched ESG Indices.

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  • Christoph Müller, CEO Inrate 
  • Patrick Uelfeti, Deputy CIO, Publica 
  • Dr. Ralph Seiz, CEO, Finreon
  • Dr. Julius Agnesens, Head of Investment Solutions, Finreon
  • Dr. Regina Schwegler, Head of Research, Inrate
  • Dr. Christian Bahr, Head Index Services, Financial Information, SIX
  • Kaspar Hohler, Chief Editor and moderator of the webinar, vps.epas