Navigating the Tax Cliffs

Navigating the Tax Cliffs

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How Can Financial Advisors Navigate the Cliffs of Tax Compliance and Tax Suitability?

The taxation of financial products and investment portfolios is no longer an exclusive Compliance concern. Wealth Advisory can leverage derived product taxation data to improve and segment pre-investment services for private investor client groups.

Jürg Stalder explains how using the right data in product and portfolio suitability workflows can offer new opportunities for improving and refining wealth management services.


Jürg Stalder, Senior Product Manager, Financial Information, SIX

Jürg Stalder has been a Senior Product Manager at Financial Information, SIX since 2014. In this role, he is responsible for developing data services for clients to help them meet tax, regulation and compliance requirements such as FATCA, IRS Section 871(m), AEol/CRS and Financial Transaction Tax regimes. In 2020 he has launched SIX Tax Score® an innovative new way of indicating the Tax Suitability of financial products. 
Prior to joining SIX, Jürg Stalder worked at Thomson Reuters (Refinitiv) where he defined the strategy and managed the risk of News Technology Platform assets used by display and feed products. Before that, he was a product manager at Reuters in charge of defining and implementing the capabilities of the Reuters News Platform.


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