Invest Smart: Reducing Tax Drag

Invest Smart: Reducing Tax Drag

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Tax Drag: Removing Tax Inefficiencies From Investment Portfolios

There are a number of tax touch points that impact investment portfolios. From investor taxation issues such as tax breaks and preferential gains treatment, to the taxation of fund vehicles including treaty access, through to the actual treatment of investment returns. Tax can incentivise, dissuade, and distort investment processes. With an increasing focus on tax transparency, tax has been in the headlines often for the wrong reasons. A multitude of stakeholders are seeking to influence the debate.

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  • Jürg Stalder, Senior Product Manager, Financial Information, SIX
  • Justin Urquhart Stewart, Founder & Director, Regionally
  • Ali Kazimi, Managing Director, Hansuke Consulting
  • Roy Zimmerhansl, Practice Lead, Pierpoint Financial Consulting

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