Watch our free Sanctions Webinar (DE)

Watch our free Sanctions Webinar (DE)

How to strategically stay safe from global sanctions

To keep clear from sanctions threat, official lists are just not enough…

With international tensions rising over the past 12 months and news on sanctions mandates seemingly published every day, companies have found it increasingly difficult to track this rapidly changing landscape, resulting in a lack of awareness of whether they’re about to run into a sanctions issue. As a consequence, regulators are increasing the pressure placed on financial institutions to invest more resources in sanctions screening; the goal-posts have now changed. Simply knowing what sanctions are in place isn’t good enough.

During this webinar, you will discover why the official lists are not sufficient information and how SIX helps you find the “sanctioned securities” you should avoid thanks to an innovative analysis of beneficial ownerships.

Join us to learn more on this currently hot topic and how to keep clear when you invest.

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