Watch Our Free SIX Flex Webinar

Watch Our Free SIX Flex Webinar

Data Discovery Made Easy

SIX Flex, Data Discovery Made Easy

Hearing how innovative solutions solve old problems may come in handy in turbulent times.

SIX Flex is the latest data discovery self-service portal from SIX, granting you with instant market data access, including reference, corporate actions, pricing and regulatory content packages that have been designed to meet internal business process needs such as security master administration, valuation, product governance, amongst others.

During this webinar, we shall discover the benefits of the service, how to operate it, how to understand which data sets exist, and how easy it is to download on demand or schedule and monitor regular data deliveries, then integrate the resulting data output files.

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Welcome, Pascal Fuld, Head Product & Capability Management
SIX Flex Delivery, Laurent Lefèvre, Head Delivery Capabilities
SIX Flex Core Packages, Annelotte De Nanassy, Senior Proposition Manager
SIX Flex Regulatory Packages, Heiko Stuber, Senior Proposition Manager
SIX Flex Display, Franck Dervaux, Head Workflow Capabilities
SIX Flex Commercials, Roy Kirby, Head Commercial Policy & Pricing
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