The Future of Wealth Management

The Future of Wealth Management

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Harvesting the Power of Data and Technology

As with other areas of finance, the wealth management industry is facing a number of challenges, especially regarding technology and handling data. Combined with trends such as digital transformation, changing client needs, dynamic regulatory frameworks and the rise of new competitors, this creates uncertainties around the future shape of the wealth management business and potentially significant changes to its operating model and value chain.

How should the wealth management industry adapt to this increasingly data- and technology-driven world to sustain its competitiveness in the future?

Thomas Ankenbrand will give you insights into the whitepaper "The Future of Wealth Management", while Janine Hofer-Wittwer will talk about the importance of integrating ESG Data into your investment decisions and Jürg Stalder will show you how you can navigate the cliffs of Tax Compliance and Tax Suitability. 


Agenda Speaker
Welcome Introduction (5 min) Beate Born
How can Financial Advisors navigate the cliffs of Tax Compliance and Tax Suitability? (20 min) Jürg Stalder
Why taking investment decisions without integrating ESG Data is no longer a valid option (20 min) Janine Hofer-Wittwer, CFA
The Future of Wealth Management (20 min) Prof. Dr. Thomas Ankenbrand

Panel Discussion (25 min)

How can financial institutions get ready for the future of wealth management? 



Beate Born (moderator)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Ankenbrand

Jacques Piasko

Jacob Gertel

Closing Words (5 min) Beate Born

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