About the SWX IAZI Real Estate Indices

The SWX IAZI Swiss real estate indices are based on the Laspeyres formula and a pool of transaction data. They are published quarterly.

The SWX IAZI Real Estate Performance Index reflects the price developments of the SWX IAZI Real Estate Price Index as well as the net cash flow yield of the IAZI Swiss Property Benchmark®. The performance index takes into account the net cash flows and annual percentage change in value (capital gains/losses) of the underlying properties.The applicable net cash flow return is based on the IAZI Swiss Property Benchmark®, which comprises income properties (direct investments) with a market value in excess of CHF 70 billion (ca. 20% commercial, 20% mixed, 60% residential; status as of 2006).

The SWX IAZI Investment Real Estate Price Index is based on approximately 50% of all (voluntary) changes in ownership of Swiss income properties (residential/mixed) at actual market conditions.

SWX IAZI Private Real Estate Price Indizes

Anonymised information from banks, insurers and pension funds on actual changes of ownership serves as the basis for calculating the indices as well as for the valuation of specific properties. With these surveys, IAZI covers more than 60% of the property transactions concluded in Switzerland, an amount in excess of 25,000 ownership changes per year. The SWX IAZI Private Real Estate Price Index reflects the two most significant forms of private residential property, i.e. single-family homes and freehold flats (condominiums). The weighting of the sub-indices (SWX IAZI Private House Price Index and SWX IAZI Condominium Price Index) is based on relative market capitalisation.


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