Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

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Professionally Managed Investment Instruments

Through its investment funds segment, the Swiss Stock Exchange brings together real estate owners, companies and investors to provide a transparent, efficient platform to list and gain exposure to both real estate and equities. Our product providers are constantly developing new and innovative investment solutions.

The Sponsored Funds segment is an innovative addition to buy and sell investment funds as easily as shares. Investors are always kept in the picture: our high levels of transparency, continuous pricing by market makers and instant order execution in fund trading allow you to react even faster to market developments and to know immediately which price you achieved. We publish all the relevant trading information and additional statistics, as well as the full overview of all available funds and issuers.

Trade Funds Like Shares

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On the Swiss Stock Exchange, Sponsored Funds trade in a market making segment in which a sponsor provides binding buy and sell prices during trading hours. Our high levels of transparency and instant order execution allow investors to react even faster to market developments.

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