About SIX Currency Hedged Indices

The currency-hedged Indices address the needs of investors who wish to replicate the returns of foreign currency denominated investment instruments in their own reference currency, i.e. without incurring the currency risk. For instance, if the investor’s reference currency is Euro, a portfolio denominated in CHF can be fully hedged in EUR to deliver the underlying returns in Euro and unaffected by the Euro-Swiss Franc exchange rate. This means that FX fluctuations do generally not affect the benchmark returns. The underlying assets’ risk and return remain therefore the main driver of performance for the investor with the reference currency in the hedged currency. The hedging of the underlying Index is performed via one month currency forwards. This means that an amount equivalent to the value of underlying assets in their foreign currency is sold at the one-month forward rate against the hedged currency (typically, the investor’s home currency).

Launched on 5 Dec. 2023                  History available since 30 Dec. 2016

Key Product Information

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    Rulebook Governing SIX Currency Hedged Indices

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ISIN Symbol Name Base Date Base Value
CH1266279756 SEUF5T

SBI® ESG Foreign AAA-BBB 1-5 Total Return Hedged in EUR 

30.12.2016 100
CH1266279764  SEU51T ESG Foreign AAA-BBB 5-10 Total Return Hedged in EUR 30.12.2016 100
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