Intraday Pricing Service

Intraday Pricing Service

Precise and Timely Pricing Snapshots in a User-Friendly Format

Precise and Timely Pricing Snapshots

When accuracy is vital and timeliness is critical, the Intraday Pricing Service (IPS) from SIX is the answer. Through our unmatched global database, IPS provides precise, timely and reliable pricing information for all of your portfolio valuation and asset servicing needs.

Easy to use, consolidated and formatted data is delivered in a user-friendly format for fast integration. IPS is the only choice for market snapshots that hit the mark every time, at whatever frequency you need.

How You Will Benefit

All Your Prices at the Right Time

A highly customizable service that can deliver pricing data on a real-time, intraday or end-of-day basis, including delayed quotes as a cost-effective option for less urgent needs.

All information is delivered in a consistent format that can be easily integrated with customer processes from portfolio management through to reporting and risk management, with a large number of pricing types and formats available for immediate use. With IPS, customers can get data at the exact time and level of detail needed for time-sensitive requirements.

About This Service

IPS delivers precise and timely price snapshots for portfolio valuations, and other asset servicing requirements. Drawing on a world-class securities database of millions of instruments, the data you need is delivered in the specific frequency and format you need for fast and easy integration. Learn more details in this section.

Intraday Pricing: Service Overview

The Intraday Pricing Service (IPS) delivers timely and precise values for millions of instruments from a world-class securities database in a user-friendly format for fast implementation. Learn more about our pricing service.

Fast, Flexible and Tailored to Your Needs

With this fast and flexible service, you can call up as many daily or intraday pricing snapshots as your business requires, in consistent, preprocessed files that are ready to use straight away. The service supports back and middle office requirements for funds and portfolio management, custody services and compliance reporting.


Available Data Formats

IPS data is offered in a variety of formats to streamline integration and enhance utility. Choose from a variety of standard formats, with the flexibility to tailor the data output through multiple factors. Custom formats are also available.