The New Easy-to-Use Standard in Financial Data Access

A Wealth of Data via a Single API

The world is getting continuously more complex and technology is advancing by the minute trying to keep up. Financial data APIs are a key driver in the digitalisation and innovation of financial services. Stay steps ahead with SIX API.

SIX API is designed to accelerate and automate your internal processes allowing you to retrieve any financial data you want, when you want it. Whether you are an asset or a wealth manager, an on-line broker or even a software integrator… you can optimize your application, reduce your process overhead and quickly integrate a wealth of content. Our data model is intuitive and simple to understand: speed up your development cycle and free up time to focus on your core business.

How You Will Benefit

Darren Marsh

Our latest API has been built to make financial data easy to interpret and swift to integrate, embracing modern web technologies and data standards. No need to confuse the user. We prefer to foster creativity instead.

Henk D'Hoore, Head Product Development, SIX

API Portal - Experiment and Innovate

Your journey in the API universe in 3 steps

Get started now and explore the API Portal which will help you discover, test and learn about our SIX APIs. It offers full transparency with all the information you will need on our APIs, from an API quick start guide to content descriptions.

About This Service

With an intuitive and simplified data model, SIX API makes a difference by enabling you to improve service quality, customer experience and develop services. Benefit from the award-winning, high-quality data from SIX and its worldwide coverage. At the same time, you can reduce costs and data integration efforts. From streaming and end-of-day pricing data to reference data, corporate actions, historical data and more... Learn more about our service in this section.

SIX Web API - Get an Overview

SIX Web API allows you to seamlessly integrate and access high-quality market and reference data into your core applications with an easy to integrate REST/JSON API. Market data is available in snapshot and streaming modes. 
Discover more in our factsheet.

Keep it Simple and Fast. Access Everything

Access the global SIX financial data universe via a single API. Data is delivered at high speed so that you can reduce storage costs and redistribution infrastructures.

Simple and Open Format

SIX API enables a fast access to all SIX financial data in an easy-to-consume format.
  • In addition to using modern web technologies (REST/JSON, GraphQL and websockets), our service follows ISO and market standards to represent and shape the data, ease its content's understanding and speed up its integration.
  • Standard market identifiers such as ISIN, LEI, MIC are natively supported. The API "speaks your language". Take advantage of a human-readable format allowing you to focus on innovation.