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EU Interest Taxation: Self-Declaration Investment Funds

The present page is directed exclusively at providers of investment funds who wish to declare their products themselves for the purpose of classification in connection with EU interest taxation. This information is essential for paying agents to be able to settle investment fund transactions.

SIX is a data provider recognized by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration. In this capacity it provides paying agents with information on the fiscal classification of the relevant financial instruments. 

SIX will not classify investment funds with regard to their taxation, unless the required key data is available from the fund managers or companies. The classification of these products is performed exclusively on the basis of the self-declaration by the respective provider or fund company.

Self-declarations must be submitted to SIX with the appropriate form.


To open the forms: right click, "save link as", save the document locally and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Provision of compiled asset test data

If you wish to deliver compiled asset test data for a large number of funds, please fill in the following form and send it to

Provision of TIS and NAV

If you are a new data provider to SIX Financial Information and wish to deliver TIS (taxable income per share) and NAV data, please send the form below to

Provision of TID

If you wish to deliver TID data (taxable income at distribution = amount of the distribution that is derived from interest income of the fund), please send the information by e-mail to

Report a Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Security

If a security has been lost, stolen or destroyed, it can be stopped at SIX. Securities reported for stopping include listed and unlisted Swiss securities, foreign securities if they are traded on the Swiss Stock Exchange and Euro bonds. The stopping does not mean that the instrument is blocked by authorities or is declared null and void. The stopping only means that the owner has reported a security missing and that legal proceedings might be taken to declare the security null and void or that a security might have been declared null and void in an official publication after legal proceedings.

A stopping announcement can help find missing instruments and, on the other hand, warns banks and their clients against acquiring such securities. SIX does not accept responsibility for the correctness, accuracy or completeness of the information on a security, as it cannot verify its accuracy.

After SIX has received a stopping message, the instrument is added to the SIX data base and is available to clients via our distribution platforms and our display product.

Contact your local client support if you have a stopping announcement.