Watch our free SIX iD webinar

Watch our free SIX iD webinar

Stop Searching, Start Finding

SIX iD, Stop Searching, Start Finding

SIX iD is the financial data display for better, faster decision making. By putting our data right in front of you, SIX iD allows you to monitor and analyze your clients’ portfolios and make time-critical investment decisions with ease.
The combination of powerful analysis and data means you never miss an opportunity. Whether you are an investment advisor, wealth, risk or asset manager, in a front- or back-office role, SIX iD lets you make the most of reference and market data from SIX.

During this webinar, you will discover the benefits of the service and how to operate it, from finding and exporting the critical data you need from more than 27 million instruments to creating your own personal lists and workspaces.
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Welcome, Joe Chimenti, Head Markets, Products & Partners US
SIX iD Demo, Katherine Linnet, Data Consultant

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