About SARON Compound Rates

SIX as the Benchmark Administrator of SARON offers SARON Compound Rates and SARON Compound Indices for pre-defined time periods.

The SARON is an Overnight Rate and applies to the upcoming overnight period. Market participants are typically engaged in longer term contracts such as 1, 3 or 6 months as a basis for loans and mortgages, deposits, bonds and floating rate notes, swaps and futures. To cover longer term contracts in Swiss francs and to determine the respective observation period, SARON Compound Rates and Indices are provided. The SARON Compound Rates are standardized compounded rates and calculated by compounding the daily SARON rates. The SARON Compound Indices measure the daily change of SARON Compound Rates and are expressed in index points.

The Index Commission Swiss Reference Rates is advising on the concept and SIX is in close cooperation with the National Working Group (NWG) for References Rates.

Launched on 25 Mar 2020
History available since 31 Dec 1999

Key Product Information

  • Methodology Rulebook Governing Swiss Reference Rates, Anglais

    Repo transactions are an important instrument in day-to-day liquidity management. To serve the financial markets, SIX calculates and publishes Swiss Franc reference rates and indices for various terms (overnight to 12 months and compounding in arrears)

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  • All Indices Calculated by SIX, Anglais

    SIX currently provides over 1500 indices and we are continuously expanding our offer.

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