Company Information

Trading Information

Financial Services (incl. Real Estate) - 8700
Regulatory Standard
Standard for Real Estate Companies
Security Number
Index member
SPI (Small), SPIEX, SXSLI, Swiss All Shares Index, SXI Real Estate All Shares, SXI Real Estate Broad, SXI Real Estate Shares Broad


Listing Agent
Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG
Lead Bank
Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG
PricewaterhouseCoopers AG

Information on the Issue

Security Details
First Listing 16.12.2019
Class of Share Action nominative
Nominal Value 30.20 CHF
Total Shares outstanding (post issue; incl. Greenshore - if any) 6437670
Allocation Details
Primary Shares 1287534
Secondary Shares 5150136
Primary Greenshoe n/a
Secondary Greenshoe n/a
Greenshoe Details
Executed n/a
Ex-date n/a
Executed number of shares n/a
First Trading Day Details
First Trading 16.12.2019
Price Range n/a
Issue Price 40.20 CHF
First Open 43.50 CHF
First Close 42.90 CHF
Transaction size in Mio. (incl. executed Greenshoe) 51.8 CHF
Market Capitalisation in Mio. (based on first closing price) 276.2 CHF

Financial Statement

Number of Employees 2
Net Revenues in Mio. 19.4 CHF rental income fiscal year 2018
Net Gain in Mio. n/a