SIX Flex<sup>®</sup>

SIX Flex®

Data Discovery Made Easy

Quench Your Thirst for Data


The flow of financial data is so overpowering that users can often feel out of their depth.

SIX Flex® is here to help. Like a tap, it lets you turn on only the data streams you need. Use it to tailor your data consumption. Subscribe to data, define delivery intervals, and analyze your data consumption and activities.

With SIX Flex®, your business can quench its thirst for data without drowning.

How You Will Benefit

Access Award-winning Corporate Actions and Reference Data
from SIX

A range of packages exist to ease your selection process and eliminate analysis tasks. Each package is preloaded with the necessary data fields for processing and is designed to meet the needs of specific business activities.

The following packages are currently supported:

Laurent Lefèvre, Head Delivery Capabilities, SIX

Consume our awarded content in a simple and cost-effective way.

Laurent Lefèvre, Head Delivery Capabilities, SIX

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About This Service

SIX Flex® is a new way to experience the SIX data universe. An innovative application designed for procuring, interpreting and working with financial information. Our data has never been so easy to access. Discover our offer.

SIX Flex®: Service Overview

SIX Flex® allows to you get and pay for the data you need. Our factsheet gives you all the details and tells you how you benefit.

Rely on Transparent Data Content

SIX Flex® makes it easy to find the content you need. The field dictionary provides clear and detailed information for each available field. Field details can easily be displayed and shared.

Easily Integrate Data

SIX helps you to reduce your integration costs. Through CSV flat files, you gain immediate access to your content. Delivery reports will help you understand the content delivered.

Data for Evolving Needs

SIX Flex® currently supports day-to-day business activities with a range of packages that offers event, pricing, reference and regulatory data for your specific needs. As the market evolves, new SIX Flex® content packages are released to meet changing data requirements.