Clearing Membership

Clearing Membership

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Why become a Member of SIX x-clear? For clearing services tailored to your operational and risk requirements; for the competitive prices and for access to multiple European, Swiss, Nordic and UK venues, multi-asset class coverage and flexible options. We are Europe’s CCP of choice, with unmatched customer service throughout your membership lifecycle.

As an Individual Clearing Member (ICM), General Clearing Member (GCM), or Non-Clearing Member (NCM), you will find the clearing services you need. 

Who Can Become a Member?

As per our membership criteria, the following legal entities that are active in securities trading for third parties on a commercial basis and have been admitted to the relevant exchange may be accepted as a SIX x-clear Member:

  • Banks in accordance with the Swiss Law on Banks and Savings Banks of 8 November 1934 (Swiss Federal Banking Act).
  • Foreign banks which, in the opinion of SIX x-clear, are subject to an adequate degree of regulation and supervision similar to the one for banks in Switzerland.
  • Securities dealers as defined in the Federal Act on Stock Exchanges and Securities Trading.
  • Foreign securities dealers who, in the opinion of SIX x-clear, are subject to an adequate degree of regulation and supervision similar to that applicable for securities dealers in Switzerland.

Regardless of your membership status, SIX x-clear is committed to providing top-class clearing services at highly competitive rates. The following two direct membership options are available:

  1. Individual Clearing Member (ICM):
    As an ICM, you will enjoy the full range of benefits offered to direct SIX x-clear clearing members. These include clearing opportunities across a swathe of European trading venues markets as well as customizable reporting options.
  2. General Clearing Member (GCM):
    As a GCM, you will have access to all the same benefits enjoyed by an ICM. In addition, a GCM has the capacity to recruit Non Clearing Members (NCMs). SIX x-clear will provide all the necessary tools you need to effectively manage your NCMs at any level of granularity desired.

If you’re looking for an indirect membership, you can, through a GCM, become an NCM:

Non Clearing Member (NCM):
As an NCM, you will not be directly affiliated with SIX x-clear. Nevertheless, you will still be able to utilize the clearing services offered by SIX x-clear through an intermediary, a GCM.

Sales Contacts

Our Sales teams in Switzerland, the UK, EU and in the Nordics are happy to provide you with the information you need.

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