Technical Connectivity

Technical Connectivity

Professional Solutions for Professional Clients

Overview SWS, webMAX PRO and SWIFT

In order to communicate with SECOM – SIX’s processing system – and other applications from SIX, you need the appropriate connection software. We offer various software solutions enabling clients to choose the right product for their needs.

SWS and webMAX PRO are applications developed and supported by SIX. In addition clients can also use the globally accepted SWIFT channel to be connected with our SECOM system.

These three communication channels offer the following benefits to our clients:

Tailored to Your Needs

International ISO Standard Supported

All-in-one Interface for SECOM, SIC and euroSIC

Low Cost

Highly Secure

SIS Web Services

SIS Web Services (SWS) is a browser-based user interface built to the latest technological standards.
Customers of SIX can settle all their securities transactions and all business for securities-related services, such as securities lending & borrowing and payment transfers, via SWS.

SWS can also be used to access many different services, including CAES, GFS and EVA. Needless to say, this solution allows you to work in real time. SIX confirms the receipt of orders immediately via status intimations. You can also query the SECOM database directly at any time. Unlike webMAX Professional, the connection to SWS runs via the Internet.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to use like e-banking
  • No prerequisites necessary, just an internet connection
  • Offers access to SECOM, SIC and euroSIC


webMAX PRO is a browser-based user interface developed in line with the latest technological principles. It has been in use by Banks and Share-registers in Switzerland and Europe for more than ten years. It is a client favourite due to its compatibility with SECOM,  platform stability and low costs. You can use webMAX PRO to settle transactions in securities and securities-related services (securities lending & borrowing, cash transfers etc.).

It goes without saying that you can communicate with webMAX PRO on a real-time basis. Submitted orders are immediately confirmed by SECOM by means of status intimations. Furthermore, webMAX PRO allows you to directly query the SECOM database while the additional add-on webMAX PRO Gateway offers Computer/Computer link functionality for high volume throughput handling of more than 1,000,000 messages a day.

The communication security is ensured via SASS system and HSM from Securosys. It guarantees the secure and unadulterated transmission of messages in the Swiss Value Chain within the Swiss financial center infrastructure.

Key Benefits:

  • Suitable solution for customers with medium and high business volume
  • Automatic import/ export functionality to the customer's in-house system
  • Connection via VPN with guaranteed service level


SWIFT is a strategic partner of SIX, ensuring secure and fast connectivity for clients. The exchange of messages is effected in accordance with the usual SWIFT standards.

SWIFTNET is a globally accepted communication channel between financial institutions enabling access to a high number of markets around the world.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast & Secure connectivity via SWIFTNET
  • Access to 60+ markets all around the globe
  • Based on newest international SWIFT Standards