Settlement and T2S

Settlement and T2S

Direct and Indirect Access To Your Key Markets Worldwide

Unmatched International Settlement Services

Our integrated settlement solution, SECOM, covers the processing of all transactions in Switzerland and abroad, from trading directly to settlement, without having to issue any additional orders.

With our SECOM solution, it is possible to execute transactions in central bank money as well as support settlement in commercial bank money.

In addition, you also benefit from our first-class network of direct CSD links and custodian banks, which offers you direct access to a vast majority of international market infrastructures, allowing your transactions to settle even more efficiently. With our broad coverage of asset classes and multiple currency options we are your perfect choice for settlement.

How You Will Benefit

Your Trusted Partner for T2S Services

T2S was a major development in the history of European securities settlement and has brought with it a number of benefits:

  • Makes it easier for investors to buy securities across EU countries
  • Pooled collateral and liquidity so banks can quickly move funds to wherever they are needed
  • Reduced settlement risk by using central bank money for transactions

Our T2S investor CSD links enable our clients to settle the relevant T2S eligible ISINs directly at T2S.

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About This Service

SECOM ranks among the world’s most secure and cost-efficient clearing and settlement systems. Its exceptionally high settlement rates and outstanding processing speeds enable clients to optimize their liquidity both in Switzerland and abroad. 

Even better, SECOM makes it easy. Users can access the system direct from their web browser and settle all Swiss and international transactions via a single interface, in real-time, wherever they are in the world.

All Transactions – Fully Automated and via a Single Interface

SECOM was specifically developed for the processing and settlement of national and international securities transactions. Through the system, we service more than 50 markets with world-class processing speeds. 

The benefit to you as an international client? Real-time cross-border settlement and consistently high straight-through processing rates. That means faster trade turnaround and a lower risk of fails.

Unrivaled International Settlement Services

By connecting our clients with multiple CSDs, as well as peripheral markets via regional solutions, we facilitate the most efficient settlement of transactions from a single account, covering all asset classes. 

Not only can we settle across borders in real-time and achieve consistently high straight-through processing rates, but we also offer a unique cross-border realignment service. This means that you can apply a "buy here, sell there" approach to transactions and leave the rest to us. 

Integrated Exchange and Settlement (INSET)

  • INSET Access: Get direct access to all major stock exchanges and markets via a broker without being a member of these exchanges and clearing houses. 
  • INSET Exchange: For XETRA and Eurex transactions, we offer our clients complete time-saving STP in cross-border securities settlement. 

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