Repo Trading

Repo Trading

A Fully Integrated Value Chain for Trading and Collateral Management

Collateral and Repo Trading: CO:RE

CO:RE helps banks, broker-dealers, insurance firms, commercial banks and other market players to drive efficiency, reduce risk, and control their costs.

Effectively, CO:RE brings together trading and collateral management capabilities in a fully integrated value chain. CO:RE is a multi-faceted electronic trading facility providing single-point access to over 160 counterparties to trading repo contracts across 14 currencies.

Central and commercial bank money are both available, alongside access to the Swiss National Bank’s (SNB’s) primary market for the issuance of money-market instruments.

How You Will Benefit

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About This Service

The most important type of transaction between banks and the Swiss National Bank (SNB) is the repo transaction (repurchase agreement). The SNB buys securities from a commercial bank and on purchasing them, agrees that the bank will repurchase the securities later on. This gives the bank liquidity from the SNB. The Swiss National Bank receives interest on this loan, which is known as repo interest. 

SIX is the sole provider of this service for Switzerland and has built the optimal platform for this type of transaction. 

Markets & Products

SIX operates two markets: CH Repo and OTC Spot. These are the only markets where banks can trade with the Swiss National Bank (SNB).

  • In the CH Repo Market, we provide the Interbank Repo Market and the infrastructure for SNB's open market operations.
  • In the OTC Spot Market, SNB holds auctions of Treasury Bills (GMBF), Federal Bond Issues and SNB Bills.

Special-Rate Repo Service

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) offers commercial banks the liquidity-shortage financing facility to overcome short-term liquidity shortages. This facility can be used through the Special-Rate Repo service.

Repo Trader Training & Examination

Only authorized traders may use the  SIX Repo AG platform. This training course is intended for all Repo traders who want to acquire this professional qualification and it serves as a preparation for the subsequent trader examination.