Standard Tax Services

Standard Tax Services

A Host of Excellent Tax Services Covering All Your Custody-Related Needs to Prevent Double Taxation

Standard Tax Services. Swiss Excellence.
For Swiss Custody.

The long-established portfolio of standard tax services from SIX includes Tax Reclaim, Quick Refund, Relief at Source and the provision of tax vouchers. These services are only offered for assets that are held in custody at SIX SIS Ltd, where double tax treaties (DTTs) exist and where market tax authorities allow for the service.

How You Will Benefit

Standard Tax Reclaims Made Simple

Banks submit standard tax reclaim requests centrally to SIX through the Tax Portal, instead of filing them with the different market tax authorities worldwide. We interact with the respective market tax authority and produce tax vouchers, if necessary, or obtain them from the respective sub-custodian. Refunds are paid to us and we thereafter forward them to the bank of the beneficial owner – unless regulated differently by market.

Our standard Tax Reclaim service is available for a wide range of investment markets, provided the assets are held in custody at SIX SIS Ltd and a double tax treaty exists between the domicile country of the beneficial owner and the issuing country.

We also provide country-specific information for over 60 countries on the tax reclaim procedure. This covers statutory filing deadlines, required forms, standard withholding tax rates and the agreed double tax treaty rates.

About This Service

Missed Your Relief at Source Deadline?

Quick Refund is the Solution. Quick Refund means that banks faster reimbursement of reclaimable amounts. Instead of blocked capital in the ordinary tax reclaim request procedure, the ability to reinvest faster can further increase overall return.

For Less Headaches, Get Relief at Source

With Relief at Source, double taxation is avoided through disclosing the beneficial owner of a dividend or an interest payment upfront. Unlike the tax reclaim or the quick refund procedure, the reduced withholding tax rate is directly applied at the payment date. There is no need to file a tax reclaim request with the market tax authority. Instead of blocked capital in the ordinary tax reclaim request procedure, the ability to reinvest faster can further increase overall return.
Relief at Source is the method of choice for investment countries where the tax reclaim procedure is not very promising or a reimbursement will usually take longer.

Tax Vouchers

A tax voucher is proof that a withholding tax or a withholding tax substitute has been deducted on an applicable dividend or interest payment and the appropriate tax amount paid to the respective market tax authority. Such evidence may be required by the market tax authority of several investment countries to file a tax reclaim request. The tax voucher has to be provided as a supplementary document together with the income statement and/or tax statement.