Regulatory Tax Services

Regulatory Tax Services

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As an international custodian SIX offers participants access to over 50 markets and the associated regulatory tax services. In the US market we have signed the QI & FATCA agreements and thus support our clients as a Qualified Intermediary (QI).

Various countries levy taxes based on financial transactions. In the case this is mandatory due to regulatory requirements, the corresponding tax deduction and payment is automatically done. This applies for capital gain tax (CGT) and withholding tax (WHT) of the respective countries. In the other cases, we offer a service to assist participants with the payment of taxes. This applies for United Kingdom and Hong Kong Stamp Duty Reserve Tax (UK and HK SDRT) as well as for French and Italian Financial Transaction Tax (FFTT and ITFTT).

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Due to our many years of experience and flexibility, we support our clients in all questions concerning regulatory tax issues. We are pleased to offer our clients tailor-made solutions. Our clients' needs are important to us and we therefore take the time to understand their requests and develop products that make it easier for our clients to conduct their business correctly and as cost-effectively as possible. Our focus is straight through processing (STP) without media disruption. In order to achieve this, we offer numerous custody account options for securities custody, which allow the application of the most advantageous tax rate on income payments for the final beneficiaries.

About This Service

Regulatory Tax Services comprise the Qualified Intermediary and FATCA services for the US market, where SIX acts as a Qualified Intermediary with primary withholding responsibility, the Financial Transaction Tax service, the corresponding account structure and documentation service as well as the regulatory monitoring of active markets.

US Tax (Qualified Intermediary System)

SIX offers its clients access to the US market.  This market operates under the "Qualified Intermediary" QI and "Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act" FATCA regime enacted by the Internal Revenue Service IRS.

SIX has signed both agreements with the IRS and therefore receives US payments at the gross rate and applies the tax rate requested by the banks.

Transaction Based Taxes

Various countries levy taxes on the basis of financial transactions. Due to regulatory requirements, the corresponding deduction and payment of the tax is done automatically or SIX has implemented a service to assist participants in paying the tax. In these cases, the tax is calculated by the client. Transaction-based taxes include capital gain tax, withholding tax, financial transaction tax and stamp duty reserve tax.

Tax Regulatory

The markets in which SIX offers its services are monitored in regards of the tax regulations. According to the upstream custodians rules, the operational impact is assessed, described and published via the SIX MarketGuides. Specific regulatory questions or client needs are clarified with external parties (such as custodians or consulting firms) in order to find answers and potential solutions that meets participants needs.

SIX does not provide tax advice in any way.