Collateral Cockpit<sup>TM</sup>

Collateral CockpitTM

Collateral Management at the Front

Our Unique Solution for Your Optimized Collateral Management

Collateral management is a pain. Financial institutions are restricted in using their collateral due to the location and the purpose of the collateral assets. Moving assets is resource intensive, requiring manual work and specific know-how.

The many different purposes and uses of collateral make it difficult to keep an eye on the various limits and requirements at the same time for example triparty repo, CCP repo, derivatives margining, securities lending and full title transfers. SIX solves the puzzle and eliminates the complexity of overcomplicated processes and mobilizes assets with the Collateral CockpitTM.

How You Will Benefit

With the Collateral CockpitTM, Collateral Management Becomes Easy and Efficient.

Cumbersome processes become easy. Substitutions are performed in four clicks. Allocation algorithms are automated with simple drop-down menus. Forecasts are used to plan and structure collateral availability optimally, so that buffers and ineffective collateral are reduced.

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