Advanced Tax Services

Advanced Tax Services

Withholding Tax Reclaim Made Easy

Withholding Tax Reclaim Made Easy

With the Advanced Tax Services, six has broadened its standard offering of tax reclaim services to an end-to-end service provision. By relying on the Advanced Tax Reclaim service, banks can offer their clients reclaim excess withholding taxes paid on dividends and interest.

The tax reclaim procedure used to be a tedious process that banks handled themselves, requiring detailed knowledge of country-specific, ever-changing requirements. The Swiss Stock Exchange now takes over the heavy lifting. Banks access the service online and submit all relevant information through the innovative, web-based ATS Portal, SIX then coordinates all necessary steps with the relevant custodian or tax authorities to reclaim the excess  withholding tax.

Thanks to the Advanced Tax Services, banks are able to optimize returns and gain efficiency through reduced complexity. Any bank can benefit from the new service irrespective of whether the assets are held in custody at SIX SIS Ltd or not.

How You Will Benefit

ATS Portal: Just Fill and Forget

Banks access the Advanced Tax Services online through the innovative, web-based ATS Portal – a safe and efficient solution for the interaction between the bank and SIX. Banks are no longer required to provide duly filled tax reclaim forms. Instead, banks can submit all the data required for the tax reclaim process via the ATS Portal. The system validates every upload automatically for its conformity and completeness.

With the information provided, SIX prepares all the necessary documents for a successful tax reclaim request and files them with the relevant market tax authority.

The minimum reclaimable amount per request and country can be defined individually. If the reclaimable amount of a request is below the minimum, the respective transaction(s) will be put on hold and can be considered at a later stage until expiry.

All information that can be reused for tax reclaims in the subsequent years, will be stored in the ATS Portal. As Switzerland’s regulated financial market infrastructure, SIX is subject to rigorous data protection obligations. which means that client data security is assured at all times.

The User-Friendly ATS Portal

Clients benefit from a user-friendly tool featuring an intuitive interface and clearly arranged dashboards. The ATS Portal is easy to use and allows users to keep track of their requests at all times.

Please note that this service is only available for registered users.