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The blue chip index SMI® is the most important stock index in Switzerland and comprises the 20 largest stocks from the SPI. The SMI covers approximately 80% of the total capitalisation of the Swiss equity market. It is free-float-adjusted, which means that only the tradable portion of the shares is taken into account in the index. The weights of the index components are capped so that no component exceeds a weight of 20%. This makes the SMI fully compliant with the ESMA UCITS guidelines and it can be used as a reference index for the Swiss equity market in the European Union.

It is published as a price index and, under the designation SMIC (SMI dividend-adjusted), as a performance index. Because the SMI represents the Swiss equity market, it is used as an underlying index for many financial products such as options, futures, structured products and exchange traded funds.

On 30 June 1988, the SMI was standardised at 1'500 points. Its composition is reviewed once a year. Calculation takes place in real time, i.e. each new transaction involving a stock included in the SMI causes the index to be recalculated.

Launched on 30 Jun 1988
History available since 29 Jan 1988

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