About the SPI

The Swiss Performance Index (SPI) is considered Switzerland's overall stock market index. It comprises practically all of the SIX Swiss Exchange-traded equity securities of companies that are domiciled in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein. Upon request, foreign companies with a primary listing on SIX Swiss Exchange may also be included in the SPI, thereby enabling their future inclusion in the SLI or SMI Family. The SPI does not include equity securities with a free float of less than 20% or shares of investment companies. These are included in the Swiss All Share Index.

The SPI is free-float-adjusted, which means that the market capitalisation is adjusted according to the number of shares in fixed ownership. Only the tradable portion of the shares is taken into account in the index. The SPI is divided into sectors according to economic activity and according to size, i.e. small, medium-sized and large. The SPI is a performance index. Dividend payments are taken into account in calculating the index. The SPI is also calculated as a price index (i.e. without adjustment for dividends).

The SPI was published for the first time on 22 August 1987 and has been calculated since 1 June 1987, when it was standardised at 1'000 points. The index is recalculated and published every three minutes. 

Available since 1 June 1987

Daily Performance


How You Will Benefit

Strong Equity Brand

Switzerland’s broad benchmark index representing the overall Swiss equity market

High Market Acceptance

Due to transparent and strict acceptance criteria, the SPI enjoys a high market acceptance and reputation

Easy to Invest

Widely used for index-based products such as ETFs, index funds or passive institutional mandates


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