ESG Bond Indices

ESG Bond Indices

The Sustainable Counterpart to SBI, the Swiss Benchmark Index for CHF Bonds

Swiss Bond Index (SBI) as a Basis

To date, there is no broadly diversified benchmark for the Swiss bond market that takes ESG criteria into account. SIX has therefore decided to change this. The SBI is the basis of the new SBI ESG Indices which will significantly simplify sustainable investment in the Swiss bond market.

The Swiss bond market is an important asset class due to its size – it contains Swiss franc bonds worth CHF 500 billion – and its high credit quality. The Swiss Bond Index (SBI) is one of the most widely used benchmark indices in this market segment. The index has been published since 2007 and, as of December 2020, contains over 1,500 CHF bonds from domestic and foreign issuers. The SBI is a traditional benchmark of investment grade bonds and currently does not pursue ESG objectives.

Launched on 1 Feb 2021
History available since 30 Dec 2016

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    The Sustainable Counterpart to SBI, the Swiss Benchmark Index for CHF Bonds.

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