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The Swiss Stock Exchange provides you with statistical data on volumes and turnovers of securities as well as monthly reports and annual reports containing not only trading data but also indices. By publishing this vast amount of valuable information, the Swiss Stock Exchange makes a major contribution to transparency.

On our pages you will find daily volume and turnover figures for all securities traded on the Swiss Stock Exchange, broken down according to product groups as well as statistical monthly reports containing extensive trading data.

We also provide an overview of intraday trading activity for the entire market and more specifically for SwissAtMid, our non-displayed liquidity pool. It is the only free online tool that provides nearly real-time information of such scale and detail.

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MQM: Comparability and Pretrade Transparency

Market Quality Metrics (MQM) allows investors to compare the average spreads of individual ETFs, Investment Funds, Sponsored Funds, ETPs and Bonds on a daily basis. In addition to the average spreads of the best bid and offer prices, the availability of these prices is also shown. The calculation takes into account both market maker offers and normal client orders. It also shows what was offered at the innermost level of the order book for an average volume (quantity and value). This innovative statistics tool ensures greater comparability and increased pre-trade transparency as it allows investors to compare the average spreads of the individual products on a daily basis.

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    Business Intelligence & Statistics prepares tailor made data analyses on request against a service fee. Please note that the service will only include publicly available data or information that is already available to the customer. The hourly rate is CHF 250.00 (excl. VAT).

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