About the Dividend Point Indices

The Dividend Point indices are additional indices to the well-known market indicators SMI®, SMIM® und SLI®. Futures on the SMI Dividend Points (FSMD) are traded via Eurex.

Dividend Point indices serve as underlyings for standardised products and can be used to reduce dividend risk.

Computationally, the dividend payments for the SMI, SMIM and SLI share indices are converted into index dividend points and published daily after the close of trading.

Launched on 4 May 2009
History available since 22 Dec 2008

Key Product Information

  • Dividend Point: Calculation Examples

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  • Methodology Rulebook Governing Dividend Point Indices for SMI, SMIM, SLI

    Get all information on the methodology used for Dividend Point Indices for SMI, SMIM, SLI

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Daily Performance

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