Stamp Duty and FTT Service

Stamp Duty and FTT Service

Manage FTT Compliance with a Single Solution

Multi-Country FTT Compliance

Financial transaction tax (FTT) compliance for European securities and derivatives is already a challenge. As more jurisdictions implement and modify their transaction taxes, managing FTTs becomes even more challenging.

The FTT service from SIX helps financial intermediaries identify and apply current and future FTTs accurately and efficiently. Through a fully automated data feed, SIX provides up-to-date country-specific information on all in-scope securities and derivatives, so you are ready to comply with new taxes as soon as they come into force.

How You Will Benefit

Data and Expertise from a Trusted Source

The SIX FTT services offer you fully structured and encoded financial data from our world-class securities database, supplemented by expertise from our local offices across Europe. The data is available through various existing distribution channels, including Valordata Feed (VDF), SIX Flex and SIX iD. Because the data is delivered in regular intervals, you can be confident that you have the most accurate and up-to-date information for administering FTTs. 

Tax Suitability in the Advisory Process

Do you have the right data on the taxation of financial products to improve the services you offer to Wealth Management clients? Find out how SIX can help you use tax data to your advantage and improve your processes.

About This Service

SIX provides a single source of data for compliance with Financial Transaction Tax regulations – both those already in force and those still to come. Discover what SIX has to offer.

Stamp Duty & FTT Service

The gradual, but in certain cases, sudden introduction of taxes on financial transactions in several countries brought challenges for the financial industry. The FTT Service from SIX helps financial intermediaries to easily identify and comply with the complex regulations.

Spanish FTT Service

The Spanish FTT add-on service from SIX allows firms to identify financial instruments that fall under the Spanish Financial Tax regime. The data allows for identification of transactions in Shares and depository receipts of companies that meet the market capitalization threshold set in the FTT law. It supports pre-trade checks and operational requirements for calculating the 0.2% tax on eligible transactions.

Italian FTT Service

The tax applies to all listed instruments with the exception of instruments issued by Italian companies with average market value of less than EUR 500 million as of November of the previous year. The Italian Ministry of Economy intends to publish a list of such “not-in-scope” companies on 20 December of each year. SIX provides the following information: in-scope flag, tax rate.

French FTT Service

The French FTT is payable on the transfer of ownership of any equity instrument issued by a French listed company whose market capitalization exceeds EUR 1 billion on 1 January of the year during which the transfer occurs. SIX provides the following information: in-scope flag, tax rate.

Belgian TOB Service

Belgian taxpayers must pay a tax on stock exchange transactions, based on the security subject to the transaction. Since 1 January 2017, transactions carried out by Belgian taxpayers through all professional intermediaries (domestic or foreign) have been subject to the TOB transaction tax. SIX provides the following information: in-scope flag, tax rate.

Swiss Stamp Duty

The Stamp Duty is collected by the Swiss Confederation when securities such as shares or bonds are issued or traded, as well as on insurance premiums. The service from SIX helps financial intermediaries to easily comply with the Stamp Duty circulars, guidelines and directives issued by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) and is officially certified by the FTA since 2007. 

Other FTT/ Stamp Duty Packages

In addition to the above mentioned packages, SIX delivers data for the UK Stamp Duty/ PTM Levy, Irish Stamp Duty/ PTM Levy, China/HK/SG Stamp Duty, Finland FTT, Hungary FTT, Malaysia FTT, South African Transfer Tax. Get in touch with us if you require data for other tax regimes.