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3 reasons to choose SIX iD

Insightful and powerful decision making - More than just a visualization tool, it is a powerful and complete display solution that gives you access to all reference and market data provided by SIX – enabling you to make faster more efficient deci­sions.

One Display solution to serve your specific business - Only the Data You Need to best advise your clients, identify and analyze market opportunities and risks for making strategic and cost-effective decisions while complying with specific regulatory requirements... SIX iD always supports your specific needs through a multitude of intelligent features and customized prepackaged offerings to make the display tool truly yours.

Portability - Get all the data you need wherever you are - Whether you are in the office, travelling, or working from home and whatever your device, take advantage of all the flexibility SIX iD can provide in your daily life: bring all the financial data with you everywhere you go!

Your needs evolve and so does SIX iD

Corporate Action Calendar in SIX iD

Do you need a simple overview of your corporate actions workflow? Do you want to reduce manual effort involved in corporate actions processing? Both are now possible with the new Corporate Action Calendar. 

With this service, you will now be able to accurately track and visualize past or upcoming events.

The many features and options available facilitate validation and analysis of corporate actions with precise and customizable monitoring. The visualization of the corporate actions workflow is significantly enhanced and optimized with an intuitive solution that is updated in near-real time.

SIX iD makes the most of its powerful and intuitive display to showcase our award-winning corporate actions database (more than 8 million active instruments and 25 years of history). Get the most relevant and timely data to make faster decisions and save time!

Improve Your Calendar View

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