Reference Data Service

Reference Data Service

Comprehensive Information on Legal Entities and Associated Financial Instruments

High-Quality Data to Enable Compliance

SIX provides you with one of the world’s most comprehensive financial information databases. It seamlessly links all data associated with a company and its securities.

Our reference data service captures the broadest range of information. We cover, among other things, legal entities, financial instruments, corporate events, and valuation pricing information.

The information on key data attributes enables faultless compliance with regulatory and audit requirements. When it comes to reference data, SIX sees everything, everywhere you need us to.

How You Will Benefit

Structured Reference Data to Meet Complex Business Needs

From our bases in major financial centers worldwide, our reference data helps customers to function in a round-the-clock global operating environment. It also supports the important role of a strong security master as compliance and regulatory data challenges increase.

The reference data from SIX enables customers to maximize their automation levels and process high data volumes in a timely manner. This boosts efficiency and cuts costs.

Customers access our reference data through powerful display terminals, flexible FTP services, and tailored feed products.

Our global reference data coverage helps customers to improve their operational efficiency and achieve regulatory compliance – now and in the future.

Dominique Tanner, Head Content Management, SIX

Every Security Master Needs a Data Passport

Do you know the quality and provenance of your financial data?


About This Service

Our database provides comprehensive basic securities data, covering new issues and changes to existing securities. Its sophisticated data structure seamlessly links all data elements associated with a security. We structure reference data to enable customers to achieve the highest possible level of automation.

Reference Data: Service Overview

SIX provides you with one of the world’s most comprehensive securities databases. 

Available Data & Delivery Options

  • Master security data, covering new issues and changes to existing securities
  • Rates
  • Offering and special interest conditions
  • Issuance and conversion conditions
  • Repayment terms
  • Parent company details
  • Instrument classifications
  • Investment regulations
  • Fund asset allocations

Basic data for institutions associated with the instruments featured in the database from SIX covers:

  • Issuers
  • Lead managers
  • Paying agents
  • Custodians
  • Stock exchanges
  • Rating agencies
  • Industry sector codes
  • Trading calendars

SIX supplies a wide range of pricing data, including settlement prices, opening prices, daily closing prices, and country-specific prices, as well as evaluated prices together with trading volumes for daily evaluation of positions. Related figures such as yields, gearing or delta values are also calculated.


Is Your Financial Data Really Safe to Travel?

Data is the fuel for financial markets yet major institutions are at great operational and regulatory risk of acting on stale or incorrect information. Just as your passport is proof of your identity, financial services firms need to understand data lineage. Do we now need a financial “data passport”?

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