Managing and operating ATMs

Trust SIX to manage your ATM estate

No one wants to think too hard about ATMs. They simply need to work (simply, securely and reliably, anywhere, anytime, night or day). And, of course, it helps if they pay their way – earning precious incremental revenues from additional services.

As an ATM processor, SIX operates over 6,000 modern and efficient ATMs in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, which meet the strictest standards for security, stability and availability.

We ensure that cash withdrawals and deposits are possible for the widest possible range of card brands. And we offer the full processing spectrum, including routing, switching, clearing and settlement through to business process outsourcing.

We are constantly striving to add value and generate additional income for you.

For example, we offer dynamic currency conversion (DCC) and top-up (smartphone load). 

SIX can take over most of the administration of your ATMs. Should you wish to enter the ATM business, we are ready to act as your "go-to-market" partner and procure your acquiring license ‒ in addition to the entire range of processing and support services.