Become Part of the Cash Ecosystem

Become Part of the Cash Ecosystem

SIX Is the Go-To-Market Partner for ATMs and Cash Solutions


Your ATM Infrastructure: Standardized, Secure and Reliable

Around 6,000 ATMs in Switzerland and Liechtenstein settle their transactions via the SIX network. Cash withdrawals and deposits are secure and can be made around the clock. SIX has a continuously monitored connection to card schemes including American Express, China Union Pay, Diners Club, JCB, Mastercard and Visa.

SIX has also worked with banks to standardize the ATM landscape, allowing participating banks to benefit from reduced procurement prices from equipment manufacturers, maintenance savings and standardized customer and advisor functions. SIX defines and manages common standards and requirements for each network, as well as processing interbank and internal bank transactions.


Facts & Figures

6000 6000
bancomats supply cash to the Swiss financial center and in Liechtenstein
40 40
billion Swiss francs withdrawn (CHF/EUR) from ATMs in 2019
240 240
million transactions processed at bancomats in 2019

Designing cash services for the Swiss financial market

SIX estimates that Swiss banks incur over CHF 1 billion in cash services costs every year. However, cash services do little to help financial institutions stand out positively in the market. Furthermore, financial institutions incur these costs almost irrespective of the volume of cash. The percentage share of the costs thus increases as the amount of cash decreases. SIX realizes cost savings for its partners by standardizing equipment, software and processes, maintaining interfaces and taking care of the testing. We are also actively involved in transforming the sector: together with banks and commerce, we are advancing centralized management and developing innovative collaborative solutions for cash services in the Swiss financial market.