SIX Account Gateway

SIX Account Gateway

Our TWINT Connection Services for Banks

Access to the TWINT Scheme

The TWINT scheme is based on an open four-party model that comprises issuers, acquirers, merchants and consumers. Issuers can join the TWINT scheme via the SIX Account Gateway, an issuing processor.

How You Will Benefit

About This Service

Below you will find a selection of functionalities offered by the SIX Account Gateway.

Settling Transactions and Preventing Fraud

Every transaction settled via the SIX Account Gateway undergoes account data verification and risk assessment to identify and prevent fraud. Authorisation requests are processed via OTIS to the TWINT issuer for transactions with a bank account as the funding source. The SIX Account Gateway offers stand-in authorisation for these transactions if the TWINT issuer is not available via OTIS.

Account Management

TWINT accounts can be created, mutated and deleted via Debit Online XML. Each TWINT account has stand-in and OTIS fallback limits.

Fraud and Transaction Reporting

Fraud reports to evaluate the transactions are at disposal. Standard reports contain all transactions. MT950 and camt.053 are available via file transfer.

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