Issuing Processing

Issuing Processing

SIX Is the Preferred Partner of Swiss Banks for Efficient Processing

Switzerland’s Debit Card Competence Center

SIX processes debit and bank cards for more than 100 Swiss banks and supports the entire range of international debit cards, including Maestro, V PAY, Debit Mastercard and Visa Debit as well as bank cards. A modular service catalogue enables banks to use the issuing processing services that best complement their own range of products. Building on core processing (card management and usage), SIX also offers operational services and license sponsoring. Our EMVI chip competence center complements this range of services.

How You Will Benefit

Facts & Figures

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In issuing processing, SIX successfully processes more than 1 billion transactions per year.
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SIX processes more than 10 million debit and bank cards – the majority of debit cards in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
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Payments totalling CHF 327 million are made with debit cards every day in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

About This Service

SIX is a Swiss leader in debit card processing and can draw on a wealth of experience. Its core processing systems are proven, stable, reliable and secure – for debit card usage both in Switzerland and abroad. We meet the highest security standards and can pass cost savings on to participating banks thanks to economies of scale.

EMVI'24 chip now available to order

For more information on the new EMVI chips and chip lifecycle management, please see our updated product sheet.

Customer Data Security

Processing customer data securely is the key to successful issuing processing. SIX meets the highest requirements for both system security and all customer data and fulfils the standards set out by PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) and FINMA.

Using Cards Around the World

Cardholders expect to be able to pay with their debit cards anywhere and at any time. That’s why the availability of systems for using cards in Switzerland and around the world is a top priority for SIX – and why we achieve such strong results.

Economies of Scale

SIX processes debit cards for more than 100 banks. This produces major economies of scale for all participants, enabling every bank to profit from cost savings based on synergies, our extensive market experience and the ability to implement your requirements efficiently.

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