Payment Enrichment Services

Transaction data reinterpreted

Generate added value from transaction data while bringing transparency to your customers' personal and corporate finances. With Payment Enrichment Services from SIX, you'll transform raw data into useful information and create unique user experiences based on new, data-driven offers. Moreover, you'll comply with Mastercard’s AN 4569 mandate, which requires that banks enrich card transactions with additional merchant information starting from October 2023.

Key Benefits

How it Works

Several services that you can build upon.

Transaction Categorization

Benefit from our intelligent categorization model, which is significantly tailored to the Swiss payment market.

  • High accuracy in categorizing transactions and assigning merchant names
  • Takes into account all payment methods commonly used in Switzerland: credit transfer, card, QR-bill, eBill, TWINT, etc.
  • Extensive categories that can be tailored to your purposes: shopping, transport, salary, tax, pension (e.g., 3rd pillar), etc.

«Pretty Names»

Forget cryptic merchant names. With Pretty Names you give payment information in your app a worthy appearance while your customers profit from more transparency in their earnings and spendings.

  • Uniform and clean display of merchant names without unnecessarily confusing information
  • Reliable identification of both Swiss and international merchant names

«Merchant Logos»

More overview for your customers​ with the clean display of merchant Logos. Thanks to the clean display of the logos, everyone can see at a glance in which store the transaction was made. In combination with the Pretty Names, this gives you an ideal overview.

Disclaimer: The logos/trademarks are used for illustration purposes only; all logos/trademarks shown as part of this service are the property of the respective and independent companies and do not establish any claims on the part of the users. Please address any questions or comments to SIX via

«Merchant Contact»

Make it easy for users of your app to contact the merchant. Thanks to the «Merchant Contact» feature, they can go to the website or get the most important contact details with just one click. This ensures a smooth customer experience.

«Merchant Location»

The merchant's location is accurately displayed on a neat map. This also leads to more transparency and improves the customer experience. Additional transparency can effectively reduce the number of chargebacks.


Disclaimer: The service has been created with the greatest care and is periodically checked and updated by SIX BBS Ltd (“SIX”). While we strive to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data presented, we cannot guarantee that it is entirely error-free or up-to-date.  Please address any questions or comments to SIX via

Made for everyone who wants to get more out of their transaction data

The ideal basis to extend your solutions with novel value-added services based on our transaction enrichment data:

  • Provide overview of income and expenses, e.g. including geographical distribution
  • Predict category-related savings potential
  • UX: display not only merchant names but also the corresponding logos as well as merchant details
  • and many more possibilities, such as enriching transaction data with carbon emission values

Showcase: Kaspar&

The Swiss investment app integrated our Payment Enrichment Services as part of its latest update – in record time.

"Payment Enrichment Services by SIX allow us to seamlessly integrate payment categories into our app in a completely customized way. It's an offering we couldn't find anywhere else in the Swiss market in this form and quality."

Jan-Philip Schade, CEO Kaspar&

Showcase: debiX+

Since its release in December 2023, the debiX+ app has supported transaction enrichment and not only offers a better look and feel, but also enables greater transparency of your expenses.

"The Payment Enrichment Services by SIX enable users of our debiX+ app to view debit card transactions more transparently. By using the latest technologies, such as machine learning, we create innovation and efficiency. Our goal is to offer financial institutions in Switzerland future-proof solutions."

Marko Weitel, Senior Product Manager Mobile Services, SIX BBS AG

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