The New Generation of Debit Cards

The New Generation of Debit Cards

Modular Services with Access to Digital and Mobile Services

New User Experience for Debit Cards

SIX is offering card-issuing banks in Switzerland the new generation of debit cards: Debit Mastercard and Visa Debit. These cards can be used all around the world and meet the highest security requirements. Additional application options create a new user experience. As well as standard functions (cash withdrawals, contactless payments), the debit cards can now also be used for online purchases and reservations and allow for full transaction monitoring, as they are debited directly from the card holder’s bank account. Thanks to connections with Apple, Samsung, and Google Pay, card holders can pay directly with their smartphones.

Webinar «Four-Party Model» (German)

How You Will Benefit

With the “Learning Nugget” Series, SIX Provides Insights into Relevant Topics in Connection with the New Debit Card on an on-Going Basis.

Learning Nugget #4 – Four-Party Model

Everything you wanted to know about the four-party model, fee structure and interchange in the debit card business.

Learn more about the functionality, importance and the roles.

About the Service

With the new debit card, you enable your customers to use their cards all around the world and provide secure processing of their online and mobile payments.

SIX offers you comprehensive services from a single source: increased security, full transparency with regard to transaction data, proprietary chip services, and new digital services that can be integrated easily via modern interfaces.

The expansion and enhancement of user-friendly, digital services are a top priority for SIX.

Digital Services

With SIX’s debiX app, your customers can approve e-commerce payments using the 3D Secure method. Choose between a white-label app or a self-development kit (SDK) for optimal integration into your existing offering. SIX will also bring the new debit card onto your customers’ smartphones in the near future. The modular range of mobile services will give your customers a user-friendly digital experience for everything to do with the debit card.

Tokenization and Mobile Payment Services

With the new generation of debit cards, use cases around tokenization are now possible. Offer your customers mobile payment via a wallet such as Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. SIX ensures both the technical and the contractual connection. We have negotiated a cooperation agreement with each of the wallet providers Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. As a SIX customer, you simply sign an issuer agreement for each wallet provider. In the near future, these services will also be available for further wallets such as Swatch, Garmin or Fitbit.

API and Existing Interfaces

The new generation of debit cards will be processed on the basis of existing interfaces. This allows for smooth, fast integration. New digital services will be connected via an API.

Chip Competence Center

SIX has in-depth expertise in EMV chips and their further development. You benefit from proprietary additional services on the cards and continuous chip lifecycle management.

OmniScripting - A Milestone in the World of Payment Chips

The Chip Competence Center run by SIX has succeeded in developing an additional function for the EMVI’20 chip – OmniScripting. As a result, we can give debit card issuers more flexibility in the configuration of payment chips after the card has been issued.

New Debit Products and Services of SIX

With the new Debit Mastercard and Visa Debit card generation, your customers can now also pay online.

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