The download is suitable for updating existing bank master data (bank details) in software programs relating to IIDs in credit, debit, and general payments applications.


  • Version 2.0: valid until 17 November 2023
  • Version 2.1: valid until 21 November 2025
  • Version 3.0: valid from 18 November 2023

Additional information in the Bank Master from Version 2.1 onward

  • Customer payments
    The Bank Master now shows whether an IID can be used for customer payments in the SIC system or not. Background: From 18 November 2023 onward, SIC participants will be able to deselect customer payments. IIDs marked in this way can then no longer send or receive customer payments in SIC.
  • Instant payments
    The Bank Master now shows whether an IID can be used for instant payments in the SIC system or not.

Possible combinations, using the example of version 3.0 of the Bank Master:

RTGS customer payments, CHF

IP customer payments, CHF




RTGS customer payments AND instant payments



Only RTGS customer payments



No customer payments


Version 2.1 of the download will end on 21 November 2025.


For version 2.1, the Bank Master is available in text (ISO 8859-1) and Excel format. Upper- and lower-case letters, letters with umlauts, and special characters are possible. Each entry in the text file consists of a record with fixed field lengths that ends with a line break (CR/LF). The quality of the content of the Excel file corresponds to that of the text file. The Excel file includes a separate title line. The difference between versions 2.0 and 2.1 relates to the codes 5–8 in the "SIC" data element.

Mutations in the Bank Master

Information on new entries, name changes, mergers and deletions of SIC and euroSIC participants is published here on the 20th of each month.

Latest mutations