EBICS V 4.0 – Request for Comments

The EBICS SC would now like to share the working drafts of the new version of the EBICS standard, V 4.0. EBICS providers, banks and other interested parties are invited to review the working drafts and report back any comments, ideas or criticism.

All information on how to obtain the working drafts and submitting your feedback can be found on the official website of EBICS SC, at: ebics.org.

Kindly provide your feedback by 16 September 2024.

What Is EBICS?

"Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard" (EBICS) is a standardized, freely available Internet-based communication protocol for the transmission of files. The standard includes a multi-level security concept that safeguards the security of the transmitted data. It also ensures the traceability of all accesses and transfers.

In addition to its use for data transmission between corporate customers and financial institutions, EBICS is increasingly being used in the interbank area, by financial service providers and service bureaus. In addition to its widespread use in payments (payment orders, account statements, etc.), EBICS is also increasingly being used for securities and for the transmission of documents (pdf) and master data.

To maintain the standard, the German and French banking industries established the EBICS SC company. The Swiss financial services sector and the Austrian banking sector have since joined the company as well. However, the use of EBICS is spreading beyond these four countries into large parts of Europe.

EBICS Standard for the Swiss Financial Center

A working group commissioned by the PaCoS (Payments Committee Switzerland) is developing Swiss Recommendations for implementing the EBICS standard in the Swiss financial services sector. This entails documentation of the EBICS configuration settings and parameters used by financial institutions for the Swiss financial services sector. More about this and other SIX mandates.

The Swiss Market Practice Guidelines EBICS supplement the documents that have been published by the EBICS company. The document is intended to provide assistance to software partners and users and provides relevant best-practice recommendations. The use of EBICS is optional for institutions in Switzerland.

Valid Versions of the Swiss Market Practice Guidelines EBICS

The Guidelines and other documents on EBICS can be found in the Download Center.


With EBICS version 3.0, the EBICS standard has been harmonized across all countries. Moreover, this version uses business transfer formats to identify transactions, which ensures better identification of business processes and formats. Furthermore, security-related requirements have been improved and the option to use CA-based certificates has been added.

In the Swiss market, the use of EBICS 3.0 equals greater flexibility and access to new transnational markets and customers. In Switzerland EBICS 3.0 is also required to be able to transmit the latest message versions within the scope of SPS 2022. These message versions are not backward-compatible with older EBICS versions.

Are you familiar with the SIX EBICS mandates?