The Digitalization of Invoicing

The QR-bill: Efficiency Squared

The QR-bill consists of a payment section and a receipt. All relevant information required for automatic and consequently efficient payment and book entry is included in Swiss QR Code.

Three Options For Paying a QR-bill Easily

And of course it is also quick and easy if you are using a business software. 

The QR-bill – Briefly Explained

  • Just like existing payment slips, the QR-bill is divided into two parts – into a receipt (1) and a payment section (2).
  • The Swiss QR Code (3) contains all relevant information needed both for invoicing and for payment.
  • The perforation (4) means that you can easily separate the payment section and the receipt from the invoice and either pay it into the post office, just as you did before, or send it to your bank with the payment order by mail.

What to do when you get a QR-bill without amount or without name and address?

Enter the missing data manually.

How the QR-bill Is Generated

You can create and print QR-bills yourself in just a few steps. There are some design features to be observed, which are defined in the guidelines. It is even easier if you digitalize your accounts payable and accounts receivable together with your bank and your software partner now. Since QR-bill and eBill are coordinated, you also have the option of benefiting from the advantages of eBill immediately or in a next step.

Further Information

The QR-bill with QR Reference

The QR reference is used for simple reconciliation of your invoices with incoming payments. It is only permissible to use the QR reference with the QR-IBAN, which is provided to you by your principal bank. This type of reference is used in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The QR-bill with SCOR – for International Payment Transactions

The Structured Creditor Reference (SCOR) has the same function as a QR reference. The only difference is that its calculation follows a different logic. Furthermore, it is also used in international payment transactions. A prerequisite for the use of SCOR is the simultaneous use of the IBAN.

Information for the Media

Media release: Current inpayment slips to be withdrawn from the market by 30 September 2022 (19 January 2021)

Media release: Launch of the QR-bill in Switzerland (9 June 2020)

Point de Presse: Introduction of QR billing in Switzerland (09.06.2020)

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