What Is the AI Outlook of SIX?

SIX is deeply invested in the exploration and application of advanced analytics and AI techniques. In line with the latest trends in the industry, we have also a special interest in generative AI, specifically large language models (LLM). These models are trained on extensive text data and can generate human-like text, serving a variety of functions such as translation, question answering, and text generation. Our goal is to leverage these advanced AI techniques to facilitate customer interactions, optimize operations, and maximize efficiency across all our services

Empowering data insights

Unleashing the power of data can be instrumental for the success of a business. The right data insights can help our clients to guide their actions and grow their business.

We are working on the solution. Our analytics hub is aimed to provide our clients easy and convenient access to data insights. It will help banks to optimize their marketing strategies and also enables data-driven communications that address the relevant topics.

Simulate the performance of your AML logic

Simulation in transaction monitoring is key to ensure high accuracy while reducing required manual processing effort. A simulation environment can be used to proactively validate the performance of your existing AML logic. This environment allows you to refine the rules and test their performance without affecting live transactions. Do you want to be able to simulate the performance of your AML logic based on your transaction basis – then get in touch with us to discuss how we can support you. 

We help you transform your banking operations with smarter and innovative analytics

Banking Services is central with its responsibility to orchestrate Swiss payments. 
We want to help banks use data to optimize performance, enhance customer experience, and unlock growth. We bring expertise in advanced technologies such as data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence combined with deep knowhow in payments. Do you want guidance by expert data scientists specialized in Swiss banking and payments solutions to enhance your analytics, improve your sales, or effectively handle fraud? Contact us today to find out how we can help you with smarter and innovative analytics.