Your Single Source of Data for Compliance with Financial Transaction Tax Regulations

The Financial Transaction Tax Spain offering from SIX allows firms to identify financial instruments that fall under the Spanish Financial Tax regime. This package delivers all financial instruments eligible for Spanish Financial Transaction Tax. They are identified based on the official list provided by the Spanish Tax Agency that includes Spanish companies with a market capitalization of over 1 billion EUR.

  • Asset Servicing
  • Asset Management
  • Wealth Management / Private Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Retail / Brokerage

  • Tax
  • Trading

The data allows for identification of transactions in shares and depository receipts of companies that meet the market capitalization threshold set in the FTT law. It supports pre-trade checks and operational requirements for calculating the 0.2% tax on eligible transactions.

From a testing, integration and implementation point of view, the Spanish FTT add-on service from SIX offers the advantage of delivering only new FTT domain values within an established data model structure.

Our Financial Transaction Tax data for Spain is available in a ready-to-use mode. It is a SIX Managed package which delivers the up-to-date full universe of active Spanish FTT relevant financial instruments on a daily basis.