High Quality Data on Sustainable Bonds through SIX

The market for GSS+ Bonds (Green, Social, Sustainability/Sustainable and Sustainability-linked Bonds) has been growing steadily over the past decade with over 2 trillion USD in green debt issues. With this growth in the market for sustainable debt and generally "sustainable financial instruments", there is a need for high quality, granular and transparent data to help make more diligent investment decisions and facilitate disclosures to the market and to customers. The GSS+ Bonds data set from SIX provides transparent and granular information on sustainable bonds and assists our customers (investment managers, banks, asset owners) in making well informed investment decisions, reporting to their customers and disclosing to authorities. 

  • Asset Management
  • Wealth Management / Private Banking

  • Advisory
  • Compliance
  • Portfolio Management
  • Reporting
  • Risk

The package includes data on Green, Social, Sustainable and Sustainability-linked Bonds.

The data is sourced from Luxembourg Stock Exchange and is offered at the instrument level and covers pre-issuance information. 

It includes information on:

  • Bond Type – Green, Social, Sustainable and Sustainability-linked
  • Bond Framework / Standard (e.g. CBI, LMA, ICMA etc.)
  • External Review Type and Reviewer

The GSS+ Bonds data offered by SIX is high quality and best in class data which allows to:

  • Make well informed and sustainable investment decisions.
  • Report to clients and the authorities on sustainable bonds.
  • Differentiate sustainable bonds from other corporate fixed income instruments in the investment and reporting process.