National Cash Scheme

National Cash Scheme

A National Set of Rules for Cash Transactions in Switzerland

National Cash Scheme for a Consistent Customer Experience

Previously, ATM users only had access to the full range of functions at their own bank's ATMs. The creation of the National Cash Scheme (NCS) has removed these restrictions. NCS is a national set of rules that will allow all business transactions to be processed on other banks’ ATMs in future.  NCS gives participating banks the opportunity to offer their own services more efficiently and without restrictions. End customers benefit from a significant improvement in services and a standardized customer experience across all cash transactions in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 

How You Will Benefit

A Lever for Innovation

The National Cash Scheme defines the contractual basis for being able to process all business transactions on other institutions’ ATMs in future. The rules are designed so that new providers can participate in the NCS at any time and on the same terms, thus ensuring equal opportunities for all market participants. The rules are also designed to be technology agnostic. By doing this, the NCS creates a framework for promoting innovative technologies independently of payment cards, such as using QR codes for cash withdrawals.

Scheme Rulebook available now

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Comprehensive ATM Services Thanks to National Cash Scheme

As well as enabling traditional cash withdrawals on improved terms, the NCS also allows end customers to view their account information and most recent account movements, change their PIN and withdraw cash (in the planning phase). This means total convenience for your customers at all participating ATMs.


  • Standardizing Cash Withdrawals – for the Benefit of Your Customers

    Participate in the NCS and offer your customers new ways to use your services flexibly and without limitations.

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