Payment Transactions in Switzerland

Payment Transactions in Switzerland

The Invoicing of the Future Is Digital

Innovative Solutions for Payment Transactions

The payments industry is changing. The Billing and Payments ecosystem from SIX has steadily established itself as a center of excellence for fast, reliable and secure payment solutions for the Swiss financial center. It aims to comprehensively cover the market's many different user groups and needs. It focuses on achieving maximum security, user friendliness and convenience – while requiring minimal investment from banks, invoicers and software partners. SIX generates synergies and economies of scale by bundling and standardizing payments infrastructure. In the process, we create an infrastructure for efficient, sustainable processes between financial institutions, service providers and consumers. 

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Future of Invoicing

The “Future of Invoicing” whitepaper examines invoicing practices in Switzerland and aims to provide guidance to both invoice issuers and invoice recipients. It summarizes the key findings and conclusions from the analysis of three different invoicing methods, and also looks at potential short- and long-term developments in the industry.

Innovative Approaches for Digital Invoices

Digital transformation allows for new approaches to invoicing. eBill and QR-bill are the payments solutions of the future. In an age of increasing digitalization, they are paving the way for service innovations. The aim of the Swiss financial center is to settle 60-80% of business-to-consumer invoices digitally from end-to-end and transfer them to eBill by 2028. SIX is working with the Swiss financial center to drive this process forward, taking the market’s many different needs into account along the way. With these innovations, we can ensure that payments in Switzerland are competitive and secure in the future.

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1,000,000,000 1,000,000,000
invoices are approximately issued by participants in the Swiss financial center every year
57,800,000 57,800,000
Number of eBill transactions per year (2019)
2020 2020
SIX was introducing its innovative QR-bill on 30 June of this year